8 Step for Choosing Comfy Shoes for Kids.

shoes for kids

When you are shopping for comfy shoes for kids, the first thing you should remember is that young children are still growing, developing, and slightly lacking in coordination. Therefore, it’s important to buy shoes that will protect the child by minimizing slipping and offering to pad against constant running, jumping or stomping. And you should consider other factors when you go shopping for and select children’s shoes. It doesn’t mean going to a store and allowing the child to choose the shoes that appear coolest to them. Avoid falling for the latest fad because you want a practical shoe that will last for a longer time. Parents should follow all following steps if they wish to buy the best shoes for their children.

1. Choose a shop with customer care personnel who will assist you in buying your kid’s shoes. A good store is the one that specializes in children’s shoes, and the staff should have experience and knowledge.

2. Have a salesperson measure the child’s feet. The child should be standing up straight, and the socks must be snug around their feet. Doing this helps ensure that you get a comfortable fitting pair of shoes.

3. Check to ensure that there is at least 1.5-2 cm of room between the big toes and the shoe’s end. Such a space will allow the child’s toes to be spread out, offering better stability and comfort.

4. You now need to press on the front part of the footwear. Ensure that it’s not tight over the child’s foot to allow space for some movement.

5. Push a finger between the back of the shoe and the child’s foot. Your finger must snugly fit between the heel and her son’s shoe. If there’s any friction, the child will have blisters after wearing the shoe for some time. And ensure that the back of the shoe is firm against the heel and ankle, and it’s preferable if it’s made using plastic. Soft material is likely to break down, and it will not help in keeping the kid’s foot locked inside the shoe. It can also lead to slack, floppy shoes and an abnormal gait while walking.

6. At the ankle, flex the child’s foot from one side to the other. If the shoes are rubbing against the child’s ankle, this can cause blistering, calluses, or lead to injury. The friction can mean that the footwear is too big or too bulky for the child’s foot.

7. Push on the outer part of the kid’s shoe to try and feel the boy’s little toe. Ensure that you can feel the little toe, and it shouldn’t be pressed too tight against the shoe’s wall but can flex within. If the little toe is pressing against the shoe’s wall, the fit isn’t right.

8. Check the interior arch of your child’s shoe. You should find an arch support, which is a molded piece that fit’s the child’s foot. And the slope of this arch must begin at the bottom of the big toe.

shoes for kid

Useful tips

When shopping for the right footwear, get shoes that are easy to put on because younger children and even older ones may not be able to tie their shoes very quickly or at all. You also need to buy breathable shoes, and canvas is an excellent material to choose. Ensure that the shoes have good traction to help with coordination and prevent falling. To save money, always buy one shoe at a time for each child because their feet are still growing.

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